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Italian Translator for audio, video and music equipment/software

I am an Italian freelance translator from English, Spanish and German into Italian passionate about music and audio & video editing. I provide translation services for professional and consumer audio and video products. Click here to ask for a free quote.

I have a long experience with music equipment (mixers, effects, microphones, multitrack recorders, sytnhs, keyboards, drum machines & other instruments) since the 80s and with DAWs, MIDI and other music software since the 90s. In 1990 I used the very first version of Cubase on the Atari ST, I play keyboards and regularly use several hardware and software tools, among which DAWs on Windows, Linux and Android like Ardour, Ableton Live, Bitwig, MuLab, Caustic, G-Stomper Studio, Oscilab etc. But I do have also some experience with OS X applications like Garageband and others, and the Mac and iOS environments in general. In fact, I have translated, edited and tested parts of important Apple audio and video software such as iTunes and iMovie.

Along the years I have translated material about both consumer and professional audio/video equipment for Sonos, Onkyo, Korg, Panasonic, Bang & Olufsen and Yamaha - including music players and music production apps, amplifiers, speakers, streaming devices, MIDI and audio over Ethernet devices, splitters, mixers and much more. I follow on a regular basis major companies like Roland, Yamaha and Korg on LinkedIn and YouTube, and I am subscribed to countless YouTube channels on synthesizers, music production, electronic music, recording equipment, sound design, music theory etc.

I have also been involved on a regular basis in translations of high-end audio and video hardware equipment for digital signage, KVM products, splitters and extenders, as well as converters (HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort etc.).

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I can translate technical and promotional material for the following audio, video and music production products: