On-site IT Support in Trieste | Mac, PC, Tablets and Smartphones On-site IT support in Trieste

On-site IT Support in Trieste for Mac, PC, tablets & smartphones

From this pc failure to this healthy pc

On-site PC support in English for individuals in Trieste (también en Español, auch auf Deutsch)

Formatting & system wipes Updates Upgrades Malware Removal Optimization Training Data & system migration

Formatting, operating system and program re-installations (Windows or Mac), optimization and tweaks, setup, device (un)install, virus & malware removal, IT consulting.

You switched from Windows to Mac and you feel a bit lost?

Windows 10 gives you headaches and you no longer know what is where and how to cope with all those updates?
Or perhaps you are curious and want to try it out, understand it better and configure it to your specific needs...

You've heard Windows XP has been decommissioned and you just don't know what to do? Or you have an "old" computer that is slow but still don't want to buy a brand new one and would like to revamp it and see if it can still be useful?

There are several ways you can stick to your old PC and keep it "young" and useful without the need to upgrade to a new system and still enjoy some of the benefits of today's IT

Do you have a tablet or a smartphone to setup or you'd like to do more with it but you don't know how?

You are sick of Windows or Mac and want to switch to Linux (Ubuntu or Mint)?

You need/want to use a computer or some applications but you're not tech-savvy and wanna learn how? Private lessons at your place are an option.

On-site technical support for Mac and PC.

NO HARDWARE REPAIR - Only quick, easy operations like RAM, hard drive, DVD drive, video cards and peripherals swap and upgrade

Windows, OS X, iOS, Linux, Android…



Get your computer back in shape and tweak it for best results!

Qualified software technician offers IT support in Trieste in English, Spanish or German for non-Italian speakers

Soporte técnico informático en español en Trieste - IT Beratung auf Deutsch in Triest

By appointment only!

For more info on IT support in Trieste: call 3296916782 or write to info [@] pagineweb [.] biz

Assistenza informatica a domicilio Mac e PC - Trieste - Assistenza computer a domicilio a Trieste - Mac e PC

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Assistenza informatica a Trieste