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Logo concept and design

Logo concept and design. A logo should represent the identity and the spirit of a product, or a business or an idea, and convey it as strongly and effectively as possible.

A logo should be easily identifiable, easy to read and use in different shapes, sizes and colors on a wide range of surfaces and media

Often what is difficult about logo design is to come up with an extremely simple and concise image that can also embrace and communicate the whole idea behind the subject it represents.

A logo is where your corporate identity begins, and therefore a good starting point for a brand identity package (business cards, stationery, brochures, catalogs etc.)

In the past decades, humanity has produced more information than even in its history. This is even more true now, the era of content creation. This information and content overload poses a problem for companies that want to stand out in this huge mass of visual content bombarding us 24/7. Creating an original, iconic logo in the 21st century is a very demanding task.

With the right branding, your business will increase the perceived value of itself and its products - which is what ultimately drives a consumer's choice.

Duties of a logo

A good logo must always be:

  • recognizable
  • concise & precise
  • easy to remember
  • reproducible
  • long-lasting

Versatile & functional, effective logos

Most importantly, a logo should not be just beautiful and attractive - it should be functional. If it does not comply with its duties listed above and it does not effectively serve the purpose it was designed for, it it does not achieve the goals set by its owner and if it does not resonate with the intented target, it can be the most beautiful piece of art around but - as a logo - it falls flat and fails.

This is also why at the beginning of the design process, things like color and small adjustments do not play a major role and must be addressed only later. Concepts, ideas and shapes, objectives and the message are the protagonists.

Simplicity and flexibility play a major role in logo design. Versatility is important when designing brand identity - your logo must adapt to different media, sizes and declinations (business cards, letterhead, invoices, posters and billboards, TV ads, social network profiles, the favicon on your website, gadgets, product packaging etc.

If the logo does not scale well on very small or large sizes, or works only in colors, then the goal was missed. Unless you have very specific and limited needs and scopes, of course.

All of this should ultimately produce a logo that is able to catch the viewer's attention in a split second and communicate what your business is about, your values - your identity.

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Logos help customers remember their experiences with your company

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