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Translations for the travel and tourism industry from English, Spanish and German to Italian. I offer translation services for tourism:

Translating for the travel and tourism industry is successful when its goal is effectively conveying the message, by communicating with the recipients in their own language, thus shortening as much as possible the cultural gap between source language and target language.

To achieve this goal, one needs to know very well the cultural context of both the source and the target languages, the direct and indirect intent of the message to be translated (informational or promotional), in order to avoid a merely literal translation, and thus - when applicable - tailor the message specifically for the foreign audience, who should not perceive they are reading a translation but rather a text originally conceived in their own native language.

The wide and varied scope of the subjects involved in translations for tourism requires knowledge not only limited to prices and places, but also geography, art, history, literature, sports, music, architecture, wine and food, morals, marketing and advertising, culture and ecology, law and economics.

During my career, I have crossed paths with tourism not only as a freelance translator, but also as a tutor, a graphic and web designer, managing working experience grants and designing several websites and products for print in Italy as well as abroad. I have translated, edited and proofread hundreds of thousands of words on travel and tourism topics for hotel chains, campsites, parks and natural reserve, tourist boards, shipping lines, travel guides, cultural heritage agencies, exhibitions and cultural events - translating all kinds of material such as travel packages, newsletters, offers and ads, legal copy, banners, search engine optimization for websites, brochures, texts about monuments and memorials, sports and recreation facilities, accommodation rentals, concerts and events, menus for bars and restaurants, promotions of local products, wellness and spas and so on.

Translations for the Travel & Tourism Industry

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